Geotechnical Drilling

State of the art equipment dedicated to geotechnical drilling

Our state of the art Sonic Sampdrill can sample some of the “worst” drilling conditions known such as:

  • Waste dumps
  • Swamp sediments
  • Conglomerate gravels
  • Road base
  • Submerged strata
  • River beds
  • Virtually any unconsolidated formation with near perfect sample retention

Bores NT also has capability to drill in a more conventional fashion such as:

  • Diamond coring
  • Auger drilling
  • SPT
  • Concrete coring
  • Push tube
  • Open hole
  • Down hole hammer
  • Air or mud drilling
Bores NT has a highly experienced team to operate its’ wide range of drills. Please feel free to contact us for a referee list, should you wish to check our abilities and professionalism prior to obtaining a quote