About Us

Bores NT is a Quality Assured, wholly owned Northern Territory based drilling and boring company, operating from Acacia Hills in the greater Darwin region.

The company has been established for over 25 years and is divided into two distinct areas.

  1. Water bores: We have specialist teams of drillers and crew with many years of experience drilling stock, domestic and industrial bores throughout the NT. A good deal of our business is repeat work with customers that have been provided with quality service and outcomes in the past and desire that experience again for their water requirements. The company takes pride in only providing works that are fully compliant to local legislation and carried out by fully licenced drillers. Bores NT bestows a 5 year warranty on all water bores it drills and completes to ensure that the end user is confident they are purchasing a quality product and outcome. See more on Bore Drilling.
  2. Investigation Drilling: Bores NT has a range of drills from small, easily mobilised Geotechnical drills to large machines with a depth capacity rating up to 3000 metres. We now also specialise in Rotary Sonic sampling, a process that allows excellent sample recovery in the most difficult and unconsolidated formations allowing for extremely accurate geotechnical results to be obtained from areas once deemed “un-drillable”. Sonic sampling is cutting edge technology continually being proven and asked for as the preferred method of obtaining accurate Environmental and Geotechnical results. Bores NT also has a range of conventional sampling drills capable of auger, diamond core, rotary air blast, SPT, Down hole Hammer, piezometer completions and various testing abilities.

We provide our services to all of the Northern Territory and the north of Western Australia. With our licensed senior drillers and supervisors, we have more than 70 years combined experience in the following services:

  • Stock, Domestic & Irrigation Bores
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Dewatering Bores
  • Bore Decommissioning
  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Environmental Drilling
  • Site Investigation

At Bores NT we have a large number of Drilling Rigs that range in sizes to cater for different depths and hole diameters and applications. We also have readily available supplies and supply lines so we are available at any time.

Bores NT have sat phone and mobile phone communication.

Indigenous Employment Policy

Bores NT has an active indigenous employment and training program which has been in place for the entire time the company has been trading. Long term relationships have been developed through this program with many successful outcomes.

Bores NT is first and foremost an Equal Opportunity Employer. We recognise that Indigenous Australians are statistically amongst the most disadvantaged groups in Australia.

The company believes that improved labour market participation is critical to achieving positive outcomes for Indigenous individuals and their families in terms of social and economic engagement.

Bores NT is therefore committed to improving Indigenous participation and progression rates through all sectors of its’ business operations.

Bores NT actively encourages applications for employment from the Indigenous Community.